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quick check in
gburg 2015
I've been off LJ for a while.... partly because my computer fan died so doing anything remotely strenuous on the computer made it overheat and shut down (so I barely did more than read and sign in to facebook, and only had it on for a couple of hours at a time) and mostly because I've been sewing like crazy. First I had to finish the dress for Reading, and I've also been making summer baby clothes for my nephew (whom I will visit in a weekish). I've had two sleepover-sewing-parties with my bestie in the last couple of weeks; the first one was before I'd gotten my challis for the 40s dress so I spent it making baby clothes (and a mockup for the 40s dress), and then two days after that I got the fabric and dove right in so as not to waste time, because I didn't trust that I could do the bulk of it in one day. I was right to be concerned, because this challis is horribly slippy! I'm not used to slippy sloopy fabric and I DON'T LIKE IT. Didn't help that it had some spandex or lycra or something in it. Urk.

Once the dress was done (sans belt and buttons) I delved back into baby clothing-making, and at the moment I have 5 little summery outfits. I made shorts for Edmund, the older nephew, but they look awfully large so.... and my sister said she wants sundresses so I want to try to whip a couple together. Need her measurements first though, so who knows how far I'll get!  Of course my computer fan mysteriously started working again last night. Maybe it was trying to help me be productive? It certainly worked, haha! I've never gotten so much sewing done in so short a time.

Today was the Reading event (the page is really deficient, I know); we planned to go yesterday but a couple of our party double-booked themselves, so although yesterday's weather was much nicer (sunny and warm, as opposed to today's cool and occasional raindrops) we survived. We're convinced the weather was sucky because we were SO PREPARED for hot weather. Parasols and sunglasses and sundresses and sandals and... We hung out at the tent of a reenactor friend and got a fun jeep ride from an acquaintance of his, so it turned out just fine in the end. There were plenty of vintage planes doing loops and flying frighteningly low and stuff as well, so we had fun watching them!

I wisely took off tomorrow, planning for post-event exhaustion, I guess, so I plan to use the day to clean up the detritus of the past month of sewing and rest. And sew, obviously. ;)


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