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New Castle!
gburg 2015
First I need to declare that I did in fact complete a dress for the ball, and I didn't even have to be pinned in! I finished sewing up the hem facing right as sewloud rolled up to collect me, and sewed hooks onto one side of the back in the car, but that was all the car-sewing I had to do, to my shock. Mainly because I needed someone to fit the darts on me before I could attach the skirt! So once we got to our hotel Adrienne fitted my darts, and I sewed those and took in the side seams a bit, then attached the skirt and put bars on the back. No time for bias strips around the neckline as I'd wanted, but maybe those can happen for the next wearing. A 2.5 day dress (none of them days off, in the interests of full disclosure) has me quite tickled regardless.

The B+B was really delightful - full of all sorts of STUFF - old paintings and teacups (and saucers and teapots and so on) and antiques and wow there was a lot of stuff. Cool to look at though, so it was full-o'-stuff in a good way, not a 'holy hell it's hard to move in here' way. I shared a suite with mandie_rw, blackcat452, and jennylafleur - this suite was originally servants' quarters, which we knew from the teeny staircase and the fact that you could stand upright in about 30% of each room. There was a lot of funny stooped-over walking from room to room as we got ready and searched madly for our things. The one complaint we had was that the heat had not been turned on in our little garret, which was a bit of a problem! Brrrrr.

The ball, held at the old Arsenal, was packed, and most of the ladies in costume were in 1860s, which made it even more crowded. That is one of the reasons we chose 1830s, as a matter of fact. Robin did a fantastic job on my hair, despite it being a recalcitrant bastard. I think I managed to dance 4 times, maybe 5, because I was determined to get my money's worth out of it! And, you know, it's a ball. So one should dance. We encountered our Belvidere-friend Shane there; I was lucky enough to dance twice with him, as he is quite good! Some of the other gentlemen, while quite happy to invite strangers to dance, were a bit shaky.

This morning, after not NEARLY enough sleep, we had a quick breakfast downstairs before dressing for our 10:30 tea, also at the Arsenal. There was way more food there than we could fit, even if we hadn't had breakfast two hours previously. After tea we made our way to Lesley Manor, one of the historic houses doing tours for the weekend. It is still occupied, and ERMAGERD they had a lof of Christmas decorations! The current owner of the house said they have a large basement room that is the Christmas Room, and that they start decorating the day after Halloween. We saw 5 Christmas trees, I think? And that was just the public rooms in the first floor. We lost Jessica and Jenny Rose during the course of the morning, but the rest of us saw a couple more houses - one of which is four storeys of one room, connected by a very steep, very narrow windy staircase - and then got lunch. Filled to the gills, we hied ourselves to the Arsenal to change into civvies (as we had long since checked out of the B+B), and left for home.

Since it is too late for a nap, I'm cleaning up all the junk I can, both from the weekend and from my whirlwind sewing right before, and doing some much needed laundry! As soon as it's late enough I am going to crash. So. Hard.

Also I would love to put some pictures in here but my computer is not talking to my phone so it's not happening presently.


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